What is a Citytrainer?
The Citytrainer method helps young people and (young) adults use their talents. It helps its participants to improve and utilise their creative, sports, organisational and social skills thereby making the city’s strength accessible. This makes Citytrainer a life-changing project.

Citytrainers are able to organise and supervise sports or creative activities thanks to the Citytraining courses ‘I Train my City’ or ‘I Make my City’ and practical experience acquired at a sports club, association, sports provider or (cultural) institution. Citytrainers contribute to a creative, sports-oriented, sociable city.

The programme helps participants know who to turn to in the fields of sport and culture. If they need space, advice or help for their own creative plans, they can address clubs, associations or institutions.

How does it work?
The Citytrainer courses ‘I Train my City’ and ‘I Make my City’ consist of seven, two-hour meetings, two follow-up meetings and a final presentation. Once successfully completed, participants receive a Certificate of Participation.
With the Certificate of Participation participants then start in practice, supervised by a practical supervisor. They gain 15 hours of practical experience at a (sports) provider, club, association or (cultural) institution. The Citytrainers’ attitude and performance as well as their final reports are assessed.

The courses and practical experience period conclude with the festive presentation of the certificates. Participants provide a brief presentation about their development as Citytrainers. They then receive their certificates and can refer to themselves as Citytrainers.

Use your talents!
Citytrainers can use their talents for various sports-related or cultural events. These are listed in the Event Calendar.  Citytrainers are also kept up to date on various workshops, training courses and (national) follow-up days that are specially organised for them.

Succes stories

 Rinka van Ipenburg – Citytrainer
Rinka loves language, music, dance, theatre, entertainment and people. “I am an enthusiastic writer and someone who likes to work on behalf of others.  When I was 19, I started filming, writing and conducting interviews at various events, festivals and other initiatives in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, alongside going to school, and I also often acted as a host. Last spring, I saw an ad in the paper that they were looking for Cultural Citytrainers and I signed up immediately. I am really happy I did that.” 

“Citytraining provided a couple of additional, fully-qualified trainers.”
JOV Flipper is the youth underwater sports club (ages 8 to 18) in ’s-Hertogenbosch and has 60 members including 12 certified trainers. They train on Thursdays, but also plan other activities! This gave two young members the opportunity to participate in the Citytraining for club programming. Sebastiaan Swanenberg who had already become a Citytrainer could provide support where necessary.

Linda Rutten – Citytrainer
“Hey Linda, why not do this!”
She was in the 3rd year at a vmbo [preparatory secondary vocational education] school when she joined the Citytrainers project. She loves working with people, she runs from time to time and also really enjoys dancing. This energetic entertainer has since finished the vmbo and is currently working as an entertainer. The tips from Citytraining and her passion for dancing come in handy. After the holidays, she will start the next part of her education ‘Sports and movement supervisor’ at the Koning Willem 1 college.

Yvonne van Roosmalen, 52 – Citytrainer
“The Citytrainers project has done a lot for me.”
Yvonne is a teacher who is passionate about her job and the mother of two teenagers. Unfortunately however, she became unemployed in an unpleasant manner. She loves salsa and running. Her volunteer work as a guide and hostess at ‘Het Bewaarde Land’ helps her to be active at an appropriate level. Re-integration company Picos introduced her to the Citytrainer programme and she attended Citytraining for adults.